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Product's name in Japanese:HOJYU KAIKAKU

Flip Canister

This product can be turned upside-down in order to refill it; once new contents on the bottom start to diminish, you can add more on top. Put the lid back on and flip it over to continue using the oldest content first.


This is a special canister for storing dry goods that has differently-colored lids on the top and bottom. Store nuts, short pasta, or other dry items. After refilling the jar, turn it upside-down to continue using the older content first.
The container is made from clear glass, so you can see the contents and quantity at a glance for ease of use. Perfect for storing your usual sweets or other ingredients you like to have at hand.
Offered in S, M, and L sizes that you can use depending on your desired content. To wash, remove the top and bottom lids and put in the dishwasher.

Flip Canister

S (600ml)1,000 JPY
M (900ml)1,200 JPY
L (1300ml)1,500 JPY

Product details

Main unit:Heat-resistant glass
Gasket:Silicone rubber
S (600ml):φ95×H125mm
M (900ml):φ95×H180mm
L (1300ml):φ95×H240mm
Heat resistant up to
100°C(Lid), 180°C(Gasket)
Cold resistant up to
-35°C(Lid), -60°C(Gasket)


● Should not be heated over a direct flame or with no contents inside.
● Should only be used for its intended use (storage of dry goods).
● Do not wash with a hard brush or cleanser.
● Rapidly chilling glass can cause it to crack, so do not wipe with wet cloths or place in damp locations while still hot.

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