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Product's name in Japanese:Tangle Clock

Geo Clock

A hanging wall clock that changes pattern over time.


The biggest appeal of the Geo Clock is that the geometric motif changes over time. The minute and hour hands have the same pattern, but these produce new ones as they move and intersect. You’ll surely love the moment the two hands perfectly synchronize together. Please see the video for details. The hands are offered in three colorways:honey red, tetra blue, and ivy black. The numbers on the glass surface seem to float into view when the minute hand meets them. The clock features a quiet sweeping movement that counts the time without making noise.

Geo Clock

4,200 JPY


Product details

Main unit:ABS
Movement:Polystyrene (Main unit)
Center cap:Copper
* Sweep movement has a 1 year warranty.
Honey red / Tetra blue / Ivy black
Included Items
1 AA battery, 1 wall mounting screw

* Note that included batteries may have shorter lifespan due to being tested before shipment. Thank you for your understanding.


● This product should only be used for its original intended purpose. This product is a precision instrument and should not be handled roughly or installed where it might fall.
● The clock should not be disassembled or modified. This can cause the product to malfunction.
● If the product becomes stained, lightly wipe with a damp cloth. Paint thinner, benzine, and alcohol-based solvents should not be used on the product. This can cause the color to fade or peel, or the product to deform.
● Manganese batteries should be used in the product.
● Ensure that the positive and negative ends of the battery are correctly aligned when inserting.
● The product should not be used or stored in the below conditions.

- Places with a temperature of 50+ °C.
- Places where it will be exposed to long periods of sunlight.
- Near implements producing steam, oil stoves, and sources of flame.
- Places with a temperature of -10°C.
- Bathrooms or other high-humidity environments.
- Sites with a strong magnetic field, such as near televisions, office automation equipment, or audio implements.
- Places with large amounts of dust. (airborne dust can accumulate in the device and cause the clock to stop)
- In vehicles, factories, or other sites with heavy vibration.