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Product's name in Japanese:Tangle Pot Stand

Geo Trivet

Silicone trivet that splits in two.


The Geo Trivet is a silicone trivet that can be split in two. You can also layer the two pieces on top of each other to create a different effect. Or, place them side by side to use as a surface for large pots and pans. The pieces can be stacked for easy storage. They can be easily washed if stained, so you can keep them clean at all times. Offered in two designs, one inspired by the honeycomb and another by the shape of ivy. Add a modern touch to your dinner table by adding this geometric look to it.

Geo Trivet  (Honey)

1,200 JPY


Geo Trivet  (Ivy)

1,200 JPY


Product details

Silicone rubber
Honey:Red / Gray / Ash
Ivy:Green / Gray / Ash
Heat resistant up to
Cold resistant up to


● This product should only be used for its intended purpose.
● Do not place near open flames.
● Store out of reach of small children.
● Use on a flat, level surface.
● Do not use in or near open flame or toaster ovens.
● Do not use in or near microwave ovens or ovens.
● Do not use with sharp objects such as knives.
● Do not cleanse with bleach.
● Do not cleanse with steel scrubbing brushes or polishing powder.
● Discontinue use if the product develops cracks or damage.
● Do not use with products containing volatile oils, such as paint thinner.
● Silicone rubber has a distinctive smell, but it will gradually fade.
● The product should be used within the allowable hot and cold temperature range.

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