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Product's name in Japanese:IIKAMO

Nature Camo

Folding chair with a camouflage pattern true to nature.


This is based on Origami seat 180 size. Camouflage is a unique, fantastic concept born out of nature and used by insects, butterflies, and birds to protect themselves from predators. This product was made out of respect and love for nature and our goal to bring people a better quality camouflage product. We hope this product will foster in more people a similar love and respect for the great outdoors.
The design is inspired by the butterfly and is offered in navy and olive. Perfect for use both in indoor and outdoor contexts. Please see the video for details on how to use it.

Part of the proceeds from sales of Ii Kamo go to The Nature Conservation Society of Japan.

Origami Seat 180 details

How to use Origami Seat 180

Nature Camo

1,800 JPY


Original bag for Origami Seats

300 JPY


Contains three Nature Camo


Product details

Polypropylene, Steel
Navy butterfly / Olive butterfly
【Assembled size】315x190x210mm (Seat height:180mm)
【Folded size】 375x30x245mm
Holds up to


● It may be difficult to open when using for the first time.( >> VIDEO )
● The shape may not be stable when starting use.( >> VIDEO )
● Please avoid use on uneven surfaces, steep inclines or in unstable areas. The product may be damage or fall over.
● Please follow the instruction during use and use only after properly assembled. There is a danger of falling over if not properly assembled.
● Please be careful to avoid getting fingers caught in gaps when assembling and folding.
● Please have a guardian close by when being used by a child.
● Sitting on the corners of the seat may cause the shape to deform. Please sit in the middle of the seat without exaggerated force.
● Please keep away from flame or lit cigarettes.
● Please use neutral detergent when removing soiling.

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