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Product's name in Japanese:PATATTO TABLE
"PATATTO" is an onomatopoeia that expresses the sound of closing quickly.

Origami Table

The most space saving folding table.


Origami Table is a folding table that can be assembled with a single action. It become thin and independent when folded and can be stored in tight spaces only 5cm wide. Made of polypropylene, water resistant. Just release the snap buttons, hold the handle and press down. There are handles which makes it easy to carrying. Please take a look at the video for details.
There are 2 hooks near both of ends of the table top board. You can hang shopping bags and trash bags on them when outdoors. It comes with a custom bag so you can easily carry it on your shoulder. Origami Seat(*sold separately) can also be carried together with it.

Indoor Situations

For everyday use or when having a home party or even as a portable table when there are many people. You can store it in the space behind the sofa. In won't clutter even when stored in you closet.

Outdoor Situations

You can even use it for outdoor events such as barbecues when camping. Made of polypropylene, water resistant and can be wiped clean. You can put it in the trunk of your car to transport it.

Origami Table lineup

Origami Table

7,400 JPY


Origami Table

* Patent #:6006899
* Design registration #:1571449
* Trademark registration #:5716711

Product details

Main unit, Nonwoven fabric bag
Main unit:Polypropylene, Steel
Nonwoven fabric bag:Polypropylene
Navy / Pale white
【Assembled size】780x370x460mm (Top board: 700xD460mm)
【Folded size】 930x590x40mm
About 2.0kg
Holds up to
About 30kg


● Please use when properly assembled according to these instructions. If assembly is not properly done, it may cause falling over.
● Please be careful not to get fingers caught in gaps when assembling and folding.
● Please use on flat surfaces, uneven surfaces may damage or deform the product or cause falling over.
● For safety concerns, do not use products that are damaged or deformed. Accidental injuries may results from such use.
● Please do not use for other purposes other than for a table.
● Please do not throw, hit or handle this product forcefully. Violent handling may result in damage or deformation of the product.
● Please have a guardian close by when being used by a child.
● Please do not process or modify this product.
● When the product becomes soiled, lightly wipe clean with a damp cloth. If cleaning is difficult, use a cloth moistened with diluted neutral detergent and gently wipe clean. Please do not use thinner, benzene or alcohol type solvents. Color fading, discoloration and warping of the product may occur.
● Please avoid areas with direct sunlight when storing.
● Please avoid using and storing this product close to fire or flame.

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