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Designed by a creator who also has a pet hedgehog

Hedgehog Mobile Home

Portable hedgehog house


The Hedgehog Mobile Home is a portable, tent-shaped house. Invented by a woman designer who has a pet hedgehog, this product is packed with details that could only have come from the mind of a pet lover.
When you are not carrying it, please keep the house inside your hedgehog's cage, where it can be used as a crib. The windows can be opened and closed, allowing you to see inside at any time.
When going to the vet or otherwise going out with your hedgehog, you can attach the included shoulder strap and use the house as a carrier. The house can be folded up when not in use, so it is never obtrusive.
Whether at home or out on the town, your hedgehog will always be able to rest and relax in a place with a familiar scent. Another helpful feature is the water-resistant material, which protects against stains. A floor cover sheet is included for the inside of the house. When dirty, it can be washed and reused.

Hedgehog Mobile Home

4,900 JPY


Product details

Main unit, A piece of shoulder strap
Outer layer:Canvas
Inner layer:Cotton 100%
*Water-resistant treatment applied to both the outer and inner layers of the material
Assembled size:W170×D220×H195mm
Shoulder strap:350~600mm (Length adjustable)
About 300g


Please remove dust and other contaminants with a brush before wiping with a wet tea towel or other appropriate cloth. For any noticeable stains, please hand-wash the surface, remove any excess moisture, and dry in the shade. Please do not clean using any appliance such as a washer, dryer, hair dryer, or iron, as this may alter the shape or color of the material.


● The Hedgehog Mobile Home is a cage for small animals. Please do not use this product for any other animal or purpose.
● Please do not place close to an open flame.
● Please use the product only after setting it up correctly.
● When opening or closing the zipper, please take care to ensure that your pet is not caught in the zipper.
● If the product is damaged while in use, please discontinue use immediately.
● Please clean before storing.
● Please do not place in direct sunlight or in any hot or humid place for an extended period of time, as this may cause warping, damage, deterioration, or fading.
● Solcion can provide no guarantee against accident or injury caused by a pet's unforeseen actions.

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