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Poster Bag

A water-resistant carrying bag for posters


The Poster Bag is made with a waterproof material. It keeps your posters safe from the rain, and can be folded compactly when not in use. It can carry up to 10 posters size B2 or smaller.
The width and depth of the bag can be adjusted to suit the size of the posters it is holding. The bag itself can be carried in hand, or worn over the shoulder. Its shoulder strap is removable and length-adjustable.
Compact enough to be stored in a backpack, the Poster Bag also comes in handy when bringing home merchandise from a comic book or anime convention or other event.

Poster Bag

2,700 JPY


Product details

Taurpalin, Polypropylene, Polyacetal
About W12×H70cm
About 250g


● The Poster Bag is designed to be used as a bag only. Please do not use for other purposes.
● The Poster Bag is not 100% waterproof, and should not be used for carrying water.
● Due to risk of damage, please do not forcefully stretch, throw, or swing the bag.
● Please do not place very heavy objects or objects with pointed edges in the bag, or forcibly fill the bag beyond its capacity.
● In the unlikely event that the bag is damaged, please discontinue use.
● If the bag has become wet, please wipe dry with a dry cloth. Leaving the bag damp may cause mold to form.
● If the bag has become dirty, please dampen the bag with water and lightly wipe it dry with a cloth that has been wrung out.
● Please store in a place with good air circulation. Doing otherwise may cause mold to form.

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